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Using a Google Business Profile for Better Search Results for Small Businesses

Learn how to utilize your Google Business Profile for better searchability and more business. 

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Google Business Profile Optimization

Learn to set up, optimize, and utilize your Google Business Profile for improved searchability. 

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Let Your Business Speak For Itself with Your Google Business Profile

Google may already show your business, but it is important to verify your listing and make sure all the details are accurate. Remember relevant search results are what Google cares about when someone is searching. Be relevant. 

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Simple Boost to Your Online Presence

Your digital presence shines when you use Google Business Profile. Google search is by far the most commonly used by people everywhere, including people who are searching for products or services you have. Utilizing Google Business Profile to fill in the information and connect you with your potential customer is a great way to stand out.

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Understand What's Working & What's Not

Google Business Profile helps you understand how your customers searched for your business, where they are coming from, and more. You can also see how many people called you from your listing or asked for directions to your place of business.  


Why learn how to use your Google Business Profile?

If you learn how to fully utilize your Google Business Profile, you get premium options, but at no cost 

You Get Premium Options, But at No Cost

Google has premium features to make your business listing stand out. Features such as; custom categories, photos, videos, and more. Best of all you can build these out yourself for free or let us manage them for you for a fee. 

Improved SearchPerformance

Better visibility on Google Search and Maps means more engagement, and more customers which translates into more revenue for your business.

Access to Google Reviews

Google gathers seller ratings from customers, and they can give your 5-stars, 4-stars, 3-stars, 2-stars, or 1-stars. Statistically, customers rely largely on reviews to make purchasing decisions. Being able to utilize this feature gives you a boost in consumer trust, which can translate into more sales.  

About Us

Request a Copy of  Our FREE Google Business Profile Guide 

Why We Care

We are also small business owners. We just happen to specialize in digital marketing. 

Owning numerous businesses, both service & product, we have seen firsthand the benefit of utilizing a Google Business Profile makes in searchability and revenue. This is why this has been a cornerstone of what we do with clients for years. 

We know that fully optimizing and using your Google Business Profile, combined with a great social media marketing plan, can transform your business. Learning to acquire customers online helps you increase revenue, all while prioritizing your time.

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